If you make the right adjustments, you can do even better. Be faster. And more successful. By measuring your parameters and benchmarking your qualities, you can generate real competitive advantages. By defining your key skills and perfecting your capabilities, you can be ahead of the game. This is true when it comes to both motorsport and management consulting.

No matter whether you’re on the circuit or in the company: The aim is always to achieve exceptional results – using interpersonal skills and individual talents. No matter what the circuit looks like, what treacherous challenges or tight curves await and if full speed or a slower pace is called for: with the ideal tools, the right training and first-class consulting, you will cross the finish line with flying colors.

Just as telemetry plays a key role in controlling the success of a race car, Scheelen AG uses state-of-the-art methods to improve your entrepreneurial qualities. Do you aspire to peak performance, perfection and both predictable and repeatable success? Then you don’t just need ambition and spirit, but also technology and expertise. The requirements of modern motorsport are therefore consistent with the standards set by Scheelen AG.

Driving experience plus presentations and training right at the race track!

At SCHEELEN Motorsport & Events, we don’t just stop at bringing you and your teams closer to the fascinating world of motorsport live on the race track (e.g. as an incentive or executive event), we also combine the motivating experience with a direct increase in knowledge and skills through the presentations and trainings of entrepreneur, speaker and race car driver Frank M. Scheelen right at the race track!




… these keywords shape your experience at these unique events. Learn how minimal improvements in just the right spots can maximize your success and translate your knowledge into skills and power!


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Can you feel the gas racing through your blood? See you at the track! We look forward to seeing you there!

PS: So many shared qualities have prompted us to sponsor the prestigious Ferrari brand in our anniversary year. As part of the Blancpain Endurance Series, we are supporting European Champion Freddy Kremer – currently the only German Ferrari driver in international racing.